August 11, 2016

Migrating to a New Site

Hey guys. I'm finally investing in a website and will be shutting down this blogger. In the next couple of weeks. You can check out my new site over at

Hope to see you there!

May 15, 2015

Howl's Moving Castle (finally)

This was a long time in coming. Years in fact. It feels really good to FINALLY get around to completing (well, maybe) the Miyazaki series of posters. Thanks to everyone who kept asking me to do this, I think the prodding was what I needed to get on this. As always you can purchase a print through my Imagekind account, or for you UK supporters, through my Redbubble account.

April 27, 2015

Product Runway Recap

I participated, with several coworkers, in what was many of our first Product Runway, which is basically the unconventional challenge from the Project Runway show. The field of retail and environmental design is full of vendors—flooring, carpet, solid surface, furniture, wall covering, 3form—participating vendors sponsor a different design firm in the Cincinnati/Dayton area, providing them with materials to create a garment. That's where we come in.

The year's theme was musical genres—each firm had a different genre. My firm got ROCK. Sweet. I, being the only graphic designer on the team, wanted to have a lot of fun with the Concept Statement and the Design Filter shown above. I love me some Photoshop.


Our model looked totally bad ass.
But, I can't leave well enough alone. Photoshop calls me.

Uh, YES please! I can't wait for the next Product Runway, which, sadly is two years from now :(

January 9, 2015

Earthquake Wine Munny Doll

I did a new Munny for this year's Christmas exchange. Once again it was an alcohol theme since that seemed to get the highest participation numbers.

The execution looks pretty simple as far as colors go, but it took me a while to get all the elements in place. Pieces of the vinyl needed to be cut before they were then built up with Sculpey. The forested areas were created using trees from a modeling kit. Then the whole Munny was spray painted a gloss black. Using detail tape, I taped off a grid on the Munny and sprayed the whole thing again only this time with matte black. Then, by removing the tape, I had protected stripes of the gloss black. 

I will say the taping didn't work so well over the forested areas, so the effect is somewhat muddied. With the black areas done, I simply went over all the recessed areas of the landscape with a gold metallic acrylic. Let me tell you, metallic paints blow. I had to apply so many coats of it to get it to cover in a solid coat—it's just so watery. But I think my patience paid off and the effect is nice.

Here you can see my Munny in front of the Earthquake bottle. I got all my inspiration from the colors and techniques used in the packaging. I think they really go well together.

Below are some pictures I took of my favorite Munnys from the exchange, each in front of their respective bottle (or bottles) of alcohol.


August 31, 2014

The Black Knight Munny

You all get a two-fer today. Mostly because I've been lazy about updates.

Much more simple than any of my previous designs. To be honest, I wasn't really feeling this one—I think it came down to the near complete lack of sculpting it required. This is the black knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It was created for a Munny exchange at work where the theme was "Your Favorite Movie". The one 'Ah-ha' moment was the velcro I used to keep his legs on. Now you can relive your favorite movie scene again and again.

And the Munny I received was for my favorite movie, Castle in the Sky. Love it.

The Dwarven Woodsman Munny

Here's a dwarven Munny I made for my mom a few months ago for her birthday. She wasn't able to pick it up until last month, then I was slow at uploading a post.

I had a lot of fun with this one—trying some new painting techniques. I basically watered down all my acrylic colors and applied them more as a wash. This was a slower way of doing things, but I got much more even color transitions and a smoother finish overall without a lot of visible brush strokes.

I tried my hand at some fabric applications—a tunic, cape, belt and some wrappings. I liked the way they came out. This dwarf has clearly been out in the woods for quite some time as nature is taking over his person.

January 4, 2014

Adult Chocolate Milk Munny

Easily the most warped Munny I've designed.

This was created for my work's latest Christmas Munny Exchange around the theme "Christmas Spirits." For the 37 participants (new record!) we had to choose an alcohol (beer, liquor, a mixed drink whatever), and then create a Munny based somehow off of your alcohol. For the exchange, you would offer up your Munny AND your alcohol. (Apparently if you involve alcohol in an office event it will drastically increase group participation).

So, some people focused on the alcohol they would receive and others on the Munny they would get—there was something for everyone. This lack of pressure on the creative side of things (i.e. designing your Munny) convinced a lot more people outside of our Design Department to take part. And you know the coolest part of it? Some of the BEST Munnys were created by people outside the Department, many of whom were convinced they were not creative enough to make a Munny someone would want. This just goes to prove how creative everyone is—and how a strong theme can really spark the creative juices.

But enough on creativity. More photos.

My beverage was Adult Chocolate Milk (never had it). I chose it solely based on the pop art-style label. I embraced the more cartoonish look, and really had fun designing this sensual, self-milking cow. I attempted to make the eyelashes out of sculpey, but they kept falling and looking clumpy. I came to the conclusion that 1. they looked terrible, and 2. I don't have to make EVERYTHING out of sculpey, although it's certainly my initial M.O. To that end, I definitely ended up bedazzling this Munny more than usual with sticky jewels and false eyelashes.

Directly after the exchange we took photos in front of a bar scene backdrop—Munny and alcohol. Here are some of my favorites. My coworker, Ross, took the photos, and he is slowly working on a coffee table book that chronicles ALL of our past exchanges. I can't wait for that sucker.

Angry Orchard Hard Cider

Maker's Mark Whisky

Barenjager Honey Liqueur

Fuzzy Navel, anyone?

Aren't those Munny's awesome?! I think we have to keep alcohol as our Christmas theme.